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Subject: FW: TSD, GII and notes on existing models


I am sharing with you material that Audun has submitted as the last increment of Freightwise requirements which needs to be considered in the update to PRD01. He suggests some refinements to previous material and also submits GII (Goods Item Inventory) and TSD (Transport Service Description). We need to hold a TSC telecon soon to discuss. I need to check with key indiviuals as to their availability during the week of 6 Dec.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you US folks..


Andy Schoka



From: Audun Vennesland [mailto:Audun.Vennesland@sintef.no]
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 5:58 PM
To: Andrew Schoka
Subject: TSD, GII and notes on existing models


Hi Andy,


Attached you will find models and short descriptions on Transport Service Description and Goods Item Itinerary models from Freightwise. As you will see from the new models, most of the ABIEs are existing ones. For the new ones (blue ABIEs) I didn’t find any good candidates in UBL. Having gone through the existing models (TEP, TES and TOS) one more time we propose some changes in the document “UBL Notes”.


Best regards,


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GII and TSD.docx

TSD and GII.eap

UBL Notes.docx

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