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Subject: Re: [ubl-psc] UBL document types to be added in PRD2

Hi Jon,

these are document types related to eTendering:


PurchaseConditions is a more generic document type into eProcurement, thus
it does not seem to be limited to CPFR.

PurchaseConditions are often a standardized set of conditions of a Buyer
that are presented to each Vendor.   A Vendor is usually requested to sign
such purchase conditions as part of the quotation phase or later.

Hope this helps,



> Hello PSC and TSC,
> In the UBL 2.1 PRD1 documentation it says:
>     New document types expected for PRD2
>        GoodsItemItinerary
>        TransportServiceDescription
>        CatalogueTemplate
>        VirtualCompanyDossier
> And also I have email from early 2010 to the effect that CPFR
> wants to add
>        PurchaseConditions
> Two questions.
> 1. Is this list of five new document types correct and exhaustive?
> 2. Which doctypes go under which category?  Current categories of
>     new 2.1 doctypes include:
>     eTendering
>     CPFR
>     Sales reporting / VMI
>     Intermodal Freight Management
>     Utility billing
> Jon
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