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Subject: Re: UBL document types to be added in PRD2

OK, folks, here's my current understanding of where we are with
additions for PRD2.

New transportation doctypes:


New etendering doctypes:


Originally raised by CPFR but (according to Roberto) usable in a
number of eprocurement contexts:


That makes four additional schemas for a total of 64 in PRD2.

The list originally included VirtualCompanyDossier, but regarding
this, Oriol said:

    Regarding the VirtualCompanyDossier, there is a work on BII2 of
    merging the TendererQualification data model with the
    VirtualCompanyDossier data model. I think we should not create
    more confusion creating two separate XSD for the same purpose
    but follow-up on the conclusions of BII eTendering group and
    add the requirements for the VCD into the TendererQualification
    creating a single document model. I do not know the time frame
    to add changes into the TendererQualification, but I think we
    should try to cover all the requirements with a single document

To which Arianna replied:

    I agree with Oriol ... furthermore, also Peppol WP2 is working
    on VCD.

    In any case, I have a question: do we have a data model for

And Oriol remarked:

    BII eTendering group is going to discuss this issue during this
    month. I would suggest not including the VirtualCompanyDossier
    and wait to publish a final release in PRD3 with a data model
    taking into account requirements from BII as a whole
    (Qualification + VCD).

Unless someone has an objection, I am going to take this as our
plan for the moment.  We will revisit this in PRD3 to see whether
a separate VCD document type is needed.


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