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Subject: [Freight Invoice] urgent fixes

Hello TSC,
I am currently working on Freight invoicing and I noted some important
issues that should be solved on the Freight Invoice document.

Firstly I provide some initial requirements:

- A Shipment is identified by a Bill of Lading or a WayBill (for instance)
- A Shipment is also associated to a Booking.
- There could be more than one B/L in a single Booking.

- A Freight Invoice could be:
   + per single B/L
   + a whole Booking
   + per Voyage

Freight Invoice Issues:

1) There is just a single cac:Shipment which means we can provide a single
   I propose to change the cardinality of cac:Shipment from (1) to  (1..n)

2) The Booking ID has not a good location yet. The FreightInvoice sample
in UBL 2.1 uses the cac:InvoiceLine/cbc:AccountingCost which is not so bad
but I would suggest to provide a more precise location like we have in the
BillOfLading document.

I propose to add in the header:
cbc:CarrierAssignedID ---> Booking

3) We miss a location for the following date/time information to be
associated to a ShipmentStage for a vessel carrier

ATA - Actual Time Arrival
ETA  - Estimated Time Arrival
ATD - Actual Time Departure
ETD - Estimated Time Departure

Actually we have just a TransitPeriod but it is not sufficient for vessel

4) Under ShipmentStage we miss a "FinalDestinationPortLocation" that is
commonly used together other port codes:


5) Maritime Transport

Sometimes the VesselID is not sufficient or not available.
It could be useful to add the RadioCallSignCode available from ITU.

6) Road Transport

   Along with the LicencePlateID it could be usefult to add a
"DriverName".  This is a requirement on some ports.

Hope this helps,


* JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino
* Document Engineering Services Ltd. - Alliance Member
* UBL Italian Localization SubCommittee (ITLSC), co-Chair
* UBL Online Community editorial board member (ubl.xml.org)
* Italian UBL Advisor

  Roberto Cisternino

  mobile: +39 328 2148123
  skype:  roberto.cisternino.ubl-itlsc

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