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Subject: RE: [ubl-tsc] New Customs related identifiers (MRN, ...)

Thank you for your timely message regarding new identifiers related to
Customs. This fits nicely into our followon discussion regarding MRN and is
part (one of two ) issue remaining to be resolved in the TSC. I hope to set
up a meeting sometime next week.

I ask those interested in participating to indicate best days and times to
hold the TSC telecom next week.

Andy Schoka

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Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 1:52 PM
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Subject: [ubl-tsc] New Customs related identifiers (MRN, ...)

Hello TSC,

as part of some important European e-Customs sub-projects related to
security, a new set of important identifiers have been introduced and will
supersede step by step some actual identifiers.

These are all new security messages introduced by EU Customs (I do not
provide full context of use):

 ICS (Import Control System)
  + ENS (Entrance Summary Declaration) - Returned by the Customs as a
response to the Customs Declaration with inside the MRN assigned.

  + DIV (Diversion Request) - Sent to the Customs for an international

  + RENS (Rectification of the ENS) - References the ENS to be rectified
using an MRN

 ECS (Export Control System)
  + EXS (Exit Summary Declaration)
  + REXS (Rectification ...)

 CARGO (Arrival/Departure Cargo Manifests)
  + Arrival Manifest
  + Departure Manifest


*** MRN **
The Movement Reference Number (MRN), assigned by Customs.
NOTE: In some Customs documents (e.g. CARGO Manifests) it is used along with
(or instead of) the actual Customs Declaration Number/Type.

Used on message: ENS, EXS, RENS, CARGO (everywhere)

*** LRN ***
The Local Reference Number (LRN)/Diversion LRN/Pre-Arrival LRN/Arrival LRN
shall be a number/identifier allocated by the sending TRADER for a specific
transaction (ENS, Pre-Arrival Notification, Arrival notification). It shall
be unique per Trader sending the transaction.
Pratically it is the file (message) number (unique within the year) assigned
by the trader.

Also known as "Commercial Reference Number"

LRN example:  "CN01"

Used on message: ENS

*** EORI ***
The EORI Trader Identification number (TIN)
NOTE: This is supported in UBL with the PartyIdentification ABIE.


*** Customs Office of Lodgement ***
The 'Customs Office of Lodgement' shall be present if it is different from
the 'Customs Office of first Entry'.
NOTE: We should ensure we have this concept in UBL along with the classic
custom office usage.

Hope this helps,


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  Roberto Cisternino

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