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Subject: TSC Action Item followup from TC



At the last TC call I got the action to provide TSC requirements for cancellation.


Within the UBL Transport domain there are two primary processes each having a subset of Transport documents/messages.

1.       Intermodal Freight Management

2.       International Freight Management.


Within the community employing Intermodal Freight Management messages, the opinion is that message content drives the processes, not the message as an entity.  While most of the message types in this domain are queries regarding status (which would not really require cancellation) the primary message is the Transport Execution Plan (TEP). As a collaborative document, the TEP would cycle among appropriate parties to finalize freight movement requirements.  If cancellation were required it would most likely be enabled within a cycle of the TEP and with a transport specific code type BBIE containing a “cancelled” value embedded in the TEP.


Within the community employing International Freight Management documents/messages, the opinion is not as clear. There may well be a requirement for cancellation, but only for specific message types.  Since there is a serial nature to the process and the documents/messages employed, the first document in the series, the Forwarding Instructions document/message, may well have to be cancelled in particular circumstances. A question I might ask, “Does EDIFACT have cancellation messages?”


I suggest that you explore with the PSC a possible  editorial note to be included in the PRD03 text that addresses the subject of cancellation and its implementation in a way the permits use if the implementation of their processes see a need. I welcome the opportunity to participate.


I also encourage others reading this to offer an opinion.




Andy Schoka




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