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ubl-tsc message

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Subject: Transport Document Names for prd03


Per your request at last TC I offer the following as names of transport documents for PRD03 as contrasted with PRD02.




Document Name                                                             Spec Section                                                                      PRD02                   PRD03

UBL-BillOfLading-2.1                                                       International FM (2.14)                                                 x                              x

UBL-CertificateOfOrigin-2.1                                         Certification of Origin of Goods (2.17)                    x                              x

UBL-ForwardingInstructions-2.1                                International FM (2.14)                                                 x                              x

UBL-FreightInvoice-2.1                                                  Freight Billing (2.9)                                                          x                              x

UBL-GoodsItemItinerary-2.1                                      Intermodal FM (2.15)                                                     x                              x

UBL-PackingList-2.1                                                         International FM (2.14)                                                 x                              x

UBL-TransportationStatusRequest-2.1                   Freight Status Reporting (2.16)                                                                  x

Note: this is a new document (based on the Document Status Request document) so we need to supply its schema..

UBL-TransportationStatus-2.1                                    Freight Status Reporting (2.16)                                  x                              x

Note: This is an updated document necessary to be compatible with the new TransportationStatusRequest and including TransportExecutionStatus.


UBL-TransportExecutionPlan-2.1                              Intermodal FM (2.15)                                                     x                              x

UBL-TransportExecutionStatus-2.1                          Intermodal FM (2.15)                                                     x                              deleted

UBL-TransportProgressStatus-2.1                             Intermodal FM (2.15)                                                     x                              x

UBL-TransportServiceDescription-2.1                     Intermodal FM (2.15)                                                     x                              x

UBL-Waybill-2.1                                                                International FM (2.14)                                                 x                              x




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