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Subject: Preiliminary edit of UBL 2.1 PRD3 document model spreadsheets for definition review

Hello UBL 2.1 content providers,

I'm pleased to report completion of a first editorial review of the
definitions contained in the data models for the 66 document types in
UBL 2.1 PRD3.  You can find the result at


As you will see, I have prepared a set of spreadsheets optimized for
your review of this work.  In each spreadsheet, columns A-C contain the
current UBL Name, Dictionary Entry Name, and Definition for each row in
the existing document model.  Columns E and F likewise duplicate the
existing entries for Associated Object Class (to aid reference to the
common library) and Cardinality.  All other columns in the current
models have been stripped out to promote focus on the definitions.
(Network latency made it impractical to edit the models in eDoCreator.
We will use scripts to repopulate the models themselves after all work
on the definitions is done.  To facilitate this operation and avoid
conversion problems, please use OpenOffice for all further work on these

Column D contains revised versions of most of the previous definitions.
The majority of the changes are purely editorial: capitalization (in
general, only document names are capitalized), elimination of double
spaces, consistent punctuation, and so on.  In many cases, definitions
for semantically identical items have been regularized to make
translation easier.  All of these revised definitions will need to be
reviewed by the responsible content teams to ensure that I have not
introduced an error in the process of revision.

In addition to these (hopefully) uncontroversial and mechanical changes,
however, there are several items per spreadsheet for which further
discussion is needed.  These items are flagged by queries in column G of
each spreadsheet.  For each query, a response is required in column H
before we can finalize the definition for that item.  And this will
require the attention of the content team responsible for the document.

The tasks I request of PSC and TSC to begin with, therefore, are as

1. Assign responsible reviewers for each document type originating in
   your subcommittee and prepare a list of these assignments so that we
   can ensure that all documents have been assigned reviewers.

2. Set a deadline for completion of an initial review by each team so
   that we can begin to define a schedule for this work.

3. Collect any questions or feedback regarding the task as a whole for
   discussion by the TC.

4. Consider the following separate message regarding "global
   replacements" and prepare a response.  This item should be completed
   before any other editorial work is undertaken.

I would appreciate it if these initial steps could be completed by the
week of 18 June.  For personal reasons, I will be probably be cancelling
TC calls the week of 11 June, so it would be good to use our TC calls
the week of 18 June to discuss scheduling and actually begin work in the
content teams.

Jon Bosak

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