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Subject: Re: [ubl-psc] Global replacements in PRD3 document definitions

Hello PSC and TSC,

To clarify something I said earlier regarding the list of "global" data
definitions --

You will notice as you look through the spreadsheets I posted that in
many cases, the regularized versions of the global definitions leave out
important details specific to particular document types.  I am hoping
that you in the content teams can flesh out many of the generic
definitions with information specific to your area of application.

To take one set of examples that particularly stood out for me, there
are many occurrences of "Reference to an additional document" or
"Reference to a billing document" where a user will be as curious as I
was to know what kind of document is being referred to and what it has
to do with the document that is referencing it, especially in the case
of billing document.  (I can't believe that it's the same kind of
billing document in all the places this appears.)  This issue is
something that I will be asking you to attend to further on, after our
meetings of the week of 18 June when we cover the initial list of items
I asked you for in my previous message on this subject.  But not now.

For now I just want you to find the global definitions that are wrong
*as globals* due to some basic defect of understanding on my part so
that I can run scripts to fix these in the spreadsheets before anyone
begins to invest effort in responding to queries.  Please save the
*individually* incorrect and incomplete definitions for the spreadsheet
review that we will begin after our TC meetings the week of 18 June.

You may find (Kees seems already to have found) "globals" that simply
can't be globally defined because their use varies too much among the
different document types.  I'm not going to make preliminary changes to
these items right now, but you should begin to prepare a list of them
as part of what needs to be addressed.


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