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Subject: ProposedFinalCommonlib-edit for Transport20121214.xls

Dear TSCers,


After collaborating with those who commented on my initial distribution of the proposed definitions provided in the Commonlib-edit for Transport, I am attaching a proposed set of final comments to the common library related to the transport domain. Thank you all for your comments, thanks especially to Tim for including and  aligning the Customs-related entities across the whole set of definitions.


As previously stated, the revised definitions proposed by the review should  be found in Column J. If column J is blank, then the definition proposed by Jon in Column D should be used. If both Column J and Column D are blank, then the original definition in Column C still remains valid.


I believe we will all have an opportunity to review the material once Ken has assembled the final draft of UBL 2.1 PRD03.




Andy Schoka





Attachment: ProposedFinalCommonlib-edit for Transport20121214.xls
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

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