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Subject: Groups - Action Item "UN/EDIFACT ITIGG to UBL" Modified

Action Item Subject: UN/EDIFACT ITIGG to UBL
Item Number: #0000

To define the possible mappings of UN/EDIFACT IFTM** components to the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) version 2.1 based on the ITIGG Principles and Rules for Implementation of Consignment Based Messages v2 (100v20).

This applies to data structures used in UBL document types BillOfLading, ForwardingInstructions and Waybill (as well as other document types used in intermodal and multimodal freight).

These mappings are provided as a guide to assist in migrating UN/EDIFACT transportation messages (based on the ITIGG guidelines) to an XML environment.

Owner: Tim McGrath
Status: Open
Priority: Medium
Due Date: 01 Jan 2015

Tim McGrath 2014-12-16 02:19 UTC
This will demonstrate and assist in the interfacing of EDI systems to XML technology in the international transport freight and logistics domain.

Referenced Items
Mappings of UN/EDIFACT IFTM** structures to UBL v2.1 (1MB) 2014-12-15 Download | View Details

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