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Subject: Deadline for submission of changes for UBL 2.2 is approaching (May 31st)



As you might be aware the UBL TC is aiming to release a new version of UBL every 3 years as stated in the UBL Maintenance Governance Procedures [1]

As the last release of  the UBL  standard (version 2.1) was published in late 2013,  the next release is targeted for late 2016 publication and for subsequent update of ISO/IEC 19845:2015.


Given the timelines that are needed to meet this targeted publication date, the deadline for submitting new additions to the UBL standard is set for May 31st 2016.

This email is a reminder for this deadline.


If you have any new addition request to UBL related to Transport, then please use the following procedure for submitting them to the UBL Transport Subcommittee.




Andy Schoka

Chair UBL Transport Subcommittee


[1] http://docs.oasis-open.org/ubl/UBL-Governance/v1.0/cn01/UBL-Governance-v1.0-cn01.html




Andy Schoka


+1 571 275 4350


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