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Subject: New requirement for UBL 2.2

Hello UBLlers,

I would like to underline the need to check those UBL documents related to transport to meet a recent SOLAS regulation about the Verifier Gross Mass (VGM).
More info about SOLAS convention is available at

I provide a short information...

VGM reporting
The SOLAS regulation requires effective 1st July 2016 the existence of a Verified Gross Mass (VGM)
including container tare to be provided by the shipper as a pre-requisite for the Carrier and the
Terminal Operator (TO) to load packed containers on board of the vessel. If a VGM exists and is duly
provided in time, the packed container will be loaded.
It remains the legal responsibility of the shipper to provide the VGM regardless whoever reports in
fact the VGM to the Carrier and/or to the TO.

So, in UBL we have surely the way to provide a Weight Measure, but here the requirement is that the verified gross mass is a certified weight hopefully created at the beginning of the supply chain but the reality is that this weight can be exchanged at any moment in the supply chain.
Shippers (Factories or Freght Forwarders), Contaner Weighting Providers, Maritime or other Carriers, Terminal Containers (TOs) can be involved in providing such certified weight on behalf of the Shipper.

I wait your feedback on this.

Best regards

Roberto Cisternino
e-Business Consultant, JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino

OASIS Member | UBL ITLSC, Chair |
P.IVA IT01290640117 | C.F. CSTRRT68M06E463H |

Mobile:  +39 328 2148123 | Skype: roberto.cisternino.ubl-itlsc | Via Europa 33/F 19020 Follo, La Spezia, Italy

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