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Subject: Minutes for the UBL TSC the 25th of April



  1. Roll call

Present were Peter, Ken and Erlend

  1. Discussion about the concept based on the answers from Auden Vennesland

The group went through the concepts and the answers and found the comments from Auden very useful.

  1. Meeting schedule. Proposed is on long (1 hour) meeting the week where there is no UBL TC meeting, and a short meeting (½ hour)

The meeting schedule was approved.

  1. Review of the issue list

Postponed to the next meeting

  1. Any other business

Peter told about a ICC project from where we expect more members to this group.



Best wishes,

Peter L. Borresen

Head of IT Development




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E-mail: plb@clearviewtrade.com

Skype ID: peter.borresen


ClearView Trade, Diplomvej 372, 2800, Denmark



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