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Subject: VS: Map GOVCBR to e-Impact Library

Dear TSC members


Please find this valuable input from Mike onder regarding adding of a Transportation Regulatory Report, in eFreight called Common Reporting Schema.


Best regards




Fra: Michael Onder <mike.onder@gmail.com>
Sendt: 13. april 2020 18:53
Til: Peter Borresen | Chief Architect <plb@clearviewtrade.com>; Rui Barros <rui.barros@mitmynid.com>; Marco Amaro Oliveira <marco.oliveira@mitmynid.com>; Jan Tore Tore Pedersen <jantp@marlo.no>; Andy Schoka <am.schoka@gmail.com>; Aiden H.S. Yang <aiden@smartlo.net>
Emne: Map GOVCBR to e-Impact Library


Dear All,


I have mapped the GOVCBR and E-Impact Library and the UBL names in that file.  They look to match perfectly to me.  See column AB for the GOVCBR mapping, If you sign off on this I will send to Tejo Kusuma in WCO to sign off as well.  I will also include this chart in the latest version of 24533-2.  This means that GOVCBR, CRS and UBL 2.3 will all match up.




Michael P. Onder
9751 Rehanek Court

Burke Virginia 22015

cell: 703-598-4950
e-mail: mike.onder@gmail.com

Attachment: e-IMPACT-CommonLibrary-govcbr.xlsx
Description: e-IMPACT-CommonLibrary-govcbr.xlsx

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