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Subject: Minutes of the TSC meeting the 26 of Janurary




  1. Linking procurement to logistics in a open network like Peppol
    1. The order and despatch advices can be used to feed the Transport Execution Plan (TEP), but how can this happen in a chain, if it is a third party, the Freight Forwarder who is issuing the TEP

The scenario was discussed and it was agreed that exchange of order and despatch advice for feeding a transport execution plan should be seen as a different flow than the normal use of order and despatch advice.

  1. Calculating environmental footprint on transport. Impacts on the UBL model.

This item was not discussed since it related to a similar issue on TC level

  1. Letter of Credit process

Kenneth announced that he would not have time for tasks regarding this before late spring 2022

  1. Any other business





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