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Subject: Minutes from the UBL TSC meeting the 20th of Febrary 2024 10.00-11.00 CET

Present: Erlend Klegg, Kenneth Bengtsson, Peter Borresen





  1. eFTI model mapping, see the attached spreadsheet. Candidates for new documents and components

Peter presented the material from eFTI. There are six documents (subsets of the datamodel) that are going to be exchanged are:

  • Combined Transport
  • Waste
  • Carbotage
  • Rates and Conditions
  • Dangegous goods
  • Aviation

Peter promised to get more insight in the intended exchange for the these document for the next meeting. The focus for the meeting was Dangerous  goods and mapping to UBL. In the attached spreadsheet we marked the elements not present in UBL but in the model. These are:

  • Regulation Code
  • Packing Danger Level Code
  • Marking Text Pollutant Code
  • Gross weight
  • Hazard Type Code
  • Additional Hazard Classification ID
  • Gross Volume
  • Maritime Pollutant Indicatore (can maybe be mapped)
  • Pollutant indicator
  • Explosive Cargo Net Weight
  • Proper Shipping Name
  • Shipper Emergency Declaration information
  • Limited Quantity Code
  • Radioactive Material (ABIE) containing:
    • Radionuclide Name
    • Special Form Information
    • Transport Index Number
    • Criticality Safety Index Number
    • Radioactive Package Transport Index Code
    • Applicable Radioactive Isotope (ABIE) containing :
      • Activity Level Measure

There were more elements in the model to investigate.


  1. Candidates for depredated documents in UBL 2.5 regarding transport.

No time for this agenda item

  1. Any other business

Another meeting is needed to get through the models





Attachment: TSC version of eFTI DR 0.2 subset 05 Dangerous Goods.xlsx
Description: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

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