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Subject: [ubl-ttsc] [ubl-lcsc] Non-XML Spy editor, IE 5, and naming conventions

Title: [ubl-lcsc] Non-XML Spy editor, IE 5, and naming conventions


As a follow-up to yesterday's call, i wanted to send out a couple of quick items:

(1) The naming convention used in working drafts within the NDR subcommittee is as follows:

"draft" - [name of person if relevant] - [title of document] - [version number] "." [file extension]

For the "official" drafts, the person's name is changed to the name of the subcommittee, so if Lisa or Tim are circulating or posting the current version of something, the name part would not appear, and "ubllcsc" would appear instead.

An example is as follows:

For the first version of a draft position paper from Gunther Stuhec on "elements versus attributes" the document name was:


For the group's fourth version of the draft design rules document, the name was:


Obviously, we will be using the extensions ".xls" for the spreasheets and ".xsd" for the schemas. The rest of the scheme is clear and helpful, in my opinion.

(2) Using IE 5 to view the schemas:

If you don't have XML Spy, one option for viewing the schemas, which is a bit easier than using a text editor (since you can collapse and expand things) is to open the schema files in Internet Explorer 5.X (earlier versions don't have the same XML support).

To do this, you should rename the file from "________.xsd" to "_________.xml". If it doesn't have the ".xml" file extension, IE 5 will not know what to do with it. Also, if you already have the ".xml" extensions associated with some other application, then you will need to highlight the file in a Windows explorer, and then right-click. Use the "Open with..." functionality to open it with IE 5, or disassociate the file extension.

Note that IE 5 will not give you any link between the different files - you'll need to open them 1 by 1.

If a linked HTML view is needed, contact myself or Gunther and we can generate one, maybe.

(3) "XMLMind" freeware XML Editor

If you go to http://www.xmlmind.com you can download a freeware java XML editor that should allow you to edit the schemas, too. Not as cool a presentation as XML Spy, but at least it doesn't cost.

The DTD files for XML schema are attached to this e-mail, or contact me with any problems. Simply put these in the same directory.






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