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Subject: No TTSC meeting tomorrow, Thursday 27 November


Given that tomorrow is a holiday in the US (Thanksgiving) and I'm not 
sure if
Gunther is available to host, I propose the TTSC not meet by phone tomorrow,
but do continue to follow up by email on the excellent paper Chris provided
to the list last week (attached here).  This paper describes the purpose,
targert users, and features of UBL tools as envisioned by the TTSC.
Please follow up with comments.

Since last week we also have a new member, Hiroshi Naito, who is developing
the tool for generating Relax NG schema for UBL.  Naito-san, in the place
of this week's phone meeting, please feel free to introduce yourself and
provide information on the focus and features of your tool through email
to this list

Regarding my own action items to get more information on tools documentation
(beginning with the GEFEG tool) I have contacted Michael Dill who has 
to send us an updated URL to the GEFEG tool as soon as UBL Beta is released,
since they want to release the tool with full UBL Beta support.
I'm hoping this will be available before our next call.

In the meantime, please all have a great week and weekend, noting that 
we have
achieved "Committee Draft" status!  Congratulations to everyone on this team
who put in numerous hours and much effort on achieving this critical 

Anne Hendry


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