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Subject: ttsc and isc meeting jointly again tomorrow


For those of you trying to follow the UBL Plenary discussions, today we 
had a joint session of all represented SCs to review the latest Code 
List SC paper put forward by Marty Burns.  The idea of the joint meeting 
is to try to reduce the time for the discussion to go from one 
subcommittee to another by focusing on the issues critical to the rlease 
with everyone in the same room.  This afternoon we were to meet to begin 
reviewing the NDRs (see Tim's most recent email regarding ndrs), but 
that has been postponed until tomorrow since we spent all day on the 
Code List review and are not quite done yet.  Tomorrow there is an LCSC 
packaging meeting at 9am, I believe, and the NDR discussion will resume 
in the large room, presumably at the same tranditional dial-in number.

Also tomorrow we will discuss the remaining code list issues with 
Michael Dill (and company) in order to ascertain if any of the proposed 
code list solutions raise problems for schema implementation.  I'm not 
certain if that will happen in conjunction with the ndr discussion or 
separately.  The main phone line will be open at 9:00, so it would 
probably be best to check there first.


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