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ubl-ttsc message

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Subject: ttsc and isc meetings


 From the F2F:

At 9am ET there will be an lcsc-led discussion on the package contents 
and the content and organization of the main ubl spec (currently the 
index.html file).  This was the discussion we had originally scheduled 
for Monday/Tuesday, but only covered a small part, so we need to get 
agreement on this with lc so we can move forward with our Tools 
document.  I think this will also be interesting for ISC members to find 
out what is in the package and how it is changing from Beta.

At 10am ET there may be continued discussion of schema generation (or 
the lc discussion may continue).

At 11 ET we'll have our regular TTSC meeting.  The main bridge will 
probably be open (nothing else is specifically scheduled at that time), 
but I'll check in the am and let you know if there is a different 
number.  The agenda will be to have an update on what has been decided 
so far for tools and schema generation and to gather the remaining 
issues needed to be resolved for schema development.

At 1pm ET is the continuation of the code list discussion, which can 
hopefully be wrapped up at this point.

At 2:30 ET we'll have the regularly scheduled ISC.  The dial in number 
may be the regular number again, but I'll send out mail (or have someone 
else send out mail as I have no email connection during the day).


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