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Subject: Re: Maty's request [ubl-clsc] Re: code list paper

Burnsmarty@aol.com wrote:

> Jon,
> The CLSC is trying to finalize its document in coordination with the 
> UBL 1.0 schemas. We have marked the "controversial" features of 
> substitution groups and abstract types as future as requested. We have 
> one small remaining task -- the incorporation of example schema 
> fragments and instance files from the version 1.0 schemas to show how 
> the code lists are used.
> However, we notice that the schemas are currently not using the agreed 
> upon subset of the code list model but an alternate formulation of the 
> remaining pieces into a single complex type. Since this must be a 
> small thing to accomplish -- separating the enumerated values from the 
> supplementary components and assembling them into the complex type for 
> use, as opposed to the single complex type implementation in the 9.1 
> versions -- we would hope that the correct generation could be 
> achieved. This will make these pieces re-useable in the version 1.1 
> versions whithout having to redesign these pieces. Only the additional 
> components would need to be added.
> We would like to get a copy of close to final schemas and instance 
> files as soon as possible so we can splice in the actual examples to 
> make our document complete to 1.0. We also would like to know by when 
> we need to circulate this final draft.
> Thanks,
> Marty

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