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Subject: Re: [ubl-ttsc] No TTSC or ISC meetings this week

In case you missed this, for a detailed Hong Kong agenda, see



Anne Hendry wrote:

> Hi,
> There will be no meetings between now and the F2F.  Any ongoing work 
> items (eg. tools list, faq) will be furthered through email.  There 
> will be phone access to the meetings in Hong Kong and I encourage 
> everyone to participate as much as is feasible given the time zone and 
> connectivity constraints.   I'll try to send periodic updates during 
> the week of the plenary, but currently there are no specific sc 
> meetings planned - the discussions will be organized by topic with a 
> great deal of focus on the localization issues/input.
> Voting on the 1.0 package closes on Friday, so if you are a voting 
> member and have not yet voted, please take a moment to do so.
> Thanks,
> Anne
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