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Subject: update to subcommittee structure


During the Hong Kong meeting the UBL subcommittee structure was 
reorganized.  As we had discussed in many of our prior meetings, the 
focus of the TTSC and ISC were merged with other activities into what is 
now called the Software SC.  A participation request for this 
subcommittee was sent to the UBL alias on June 7.  The charter and 
minutes of our first meetings have also been posted to the UBL alias, so 
those of you who were on the TTSC and ISC aliases can take a look at 
those and decide if you want to join this new SC.

As you will notice shortly, Jon is in the process of deactivating the 
old SC aliases, as those SC will no longer be in existence.  I encourage 
all prior active members of the TTSC and ISC to join the SSC.  To those 
who don't, I just want to say 'Thanks!' for the effort you did give to 
those two subcommittees.  You will see results of many of those 
discussions and activities in the products of the Software SC.


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