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Subject: UBL subcommittee reorganization: ubl-ttsc

Hello members of the UBL Tools and Techniques SC,

Effective 1 June 2004, a number of UBL subcommittees, including
the Tools and Techniques Subcommittee, are ending operation as
separate entities.  This is part of a major reorganization
intended to promote better coordination of the many tasks
associated with the UBL effort.  For the TC decision and pointers
to the discussion leading up to it, see


The former TTSC web page, documents, and mail archives will
continue to exist for purposes of reference, but all former
members of the SC will be removed from the SC roster in order to
deactivate the subcommittee.  You will therefore shortly receive a
message saying that you have been removed from the SC.  This is
merely a side-effect of retiring the SC, and it should have no
effect on your membership in UBL.

The work of the TTSC continues in a new subcommittee, the UBL
Software SC.  All interested UBL members are invited to
participate in the SSC.  To join, contact the SSC chairs,
Anne Hendry (anne.hendry@sun.com) and Stephen Green

Jon Bosak

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