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Subject: [ubl] UML diagrams of xCBL OrderDetail

Per Tim McGrath's request, I'm creating UML class diagrams
reverse-engineered from the SOX schemas for xCBL Order Header and
OrderDetail (which is composed of ItemDetail and PackageDetail).

The attached PDF file contains diagrams for OrderDetail.  I had to
split ItemDetail into three diagrams, but even then the print size on
8.5 x 11 yields very small text.  The diagram layout is still a bit
rough, but usable for initial UBL analysis.  The UML diagrams were
created by transforming SOX into XMI, then imported into Rational
Rose.  As mentioned during the meeting last week, the sequence
position of elements in schema model groups is retained within the UML
model, but is not displayed on the diagrams.

I pushed things around a bit after Rose auto-layout to improve
presentation and better fit the page size.  I cut/paste the Rose
diagrams into Visio to produce the PDF, so if anyone wants the Visio
file (with resizable graphics) let me know.

The OrderHeader diagram is too large for one page and the subdivision
is less obvious.  I'll work on it a bit more before posting its
diagrams.  As always, any suggestions or comments are welcome.  I want
to improve this approach for reverse-engineering schemas into UML so
that it is useful for a wider range of content analysis.

  Dave Carlson

OrderDetail diagrams.pdf

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