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Subject: Re: [ubl] UML diagrams of xCBL OrderDetail


| Per Tim McGrath's request, I'm creating UML class diagrams
| reverse-engineered from the SOX schemas for xCBL Order Header and
| OrderDetail (which is composed of ItemDetail and PackageDetail).
| The attached PDF file contains diagrams for OrderDetail. [...]

Thanks to Dave for posting this, but given the limited
distribution of the ubl list, I think we need to reserve it for
announcements, votes, and other formal TC business.

One place Dave might have posted his message instead is the Tools
& Techniques list (ubl-ttsc), but I can see why he didn't -- the
subject of his posting cuts across subcommittees and is something
in which a lot of us might be interested.

We have a list that the whole world can subscribe to
(ubl-comment), and in the interests of hearing from a wider group
of people and eventually fostering a sense of community, I'd like
to see as much of this good general-interest stuff as possible
posted there instead of the ubl list proper.  Kris Ketels's
posting of the ISO 15022 draft to ubl-comment was a good start; if
there's to be any general discussion of that outside of the ndrsc,
that's where I think it should happen.

If we're too successful in getting people to use ubl-comment as a
community forum then of course we'll have to pull back into the
restricted lists again, but for the time being I'd like to give
this a try.  So: 

 - If it relates to TC procedure, post it to ubl@lists.oasis-open.org

 - If it relates to a particular SC, post it to that SC's mail
   list (or ask the SC chair to post it if you're not a member)

 - If it's of interest to more than one SC, try ubl-comment so
   that the whole world gets a chance to participate in the
   discussion (and we'll pull back into our shell if things
   get out of hand).


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