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Subject: [ubl] Summary of Minutes of UBL Library Content SC Discussion 13th Nov9:00am Pacific Time

For the interest of the entire UBL TC, please find below a summary of the minutes of our first teleconference meeting.  If anyone is interested in receiving the proposed workplan mentioned below please request directly from me (tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au).

Attendees Arofan Gregory Peter Yim Tim McGrath (Chair) David Lewis (Minutes) Marion Royal Lisa Seaburg Gunther Stuhec


1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes
The Chair noted that there was not a quorum and this meeting held no official status and no formal decisions can be made. All SC members will be asked to confirm their participation.

2. Memberships and subscription
Sally Chan of Boeing welcomed to the group.

3. Draft Work plan (comment, refinement and adoption)
* A work plan and schedule has been devised and after some re finement will be put to the SC membership for adoption.
* This will impact the schedule of other UBL SCs (Naming and Design, Context, Tools & Techniques).
* Part of the refinement is to postpone the classification of the PackageDetail structure from xCBL3.0. This is not considered a critical part of the Order document - but will become significant in subsequent documents (eg Ship Notices).

4. Issue of Starter Kits.
To enable teams to start building theri sections of the BIE catalog, this will contain: - BIE catalog, simplified version of the spreadsheet we had worked on in Menlo Park - xCBL3.0 core that Jay worked on at last meeting - readme file of instructions - reference structure (html) of xCBL3 catalog w/narrative (separate download) - uml class diagrams (order detail & packaging)
If this is not released on the Web by Thu 11/15, we plan to send via email to all sub-commitee members.

5. Communi cation rules (use of lists, project reporting, etc..)
We shall conduct sub-team work activity via mail lists(using team identifer on the subject lines) and appointed co-ordinators will post current worksheets to the website (via the librarian - Lisa), weekly.
6. Teleconference schedule
Regular weekly calls until further notice, 9am pacific time, Tuesdays.

7. Other Business
* Incorporating the outcomes of internal C1 review of CBL3 will be acceptable as comments during scheduled review process.
* The meeting was advised on the work of the UDEF group. We noted that any identification/naming conventions should come from Naming SC.
* We might want to extend liason and public review periods of our schudules after feedback from the Liaison subcommittee
* We dicussed what is necessary for the OASIS standard approval process.
8. Next meeting.
Tuesday 20th November at 9:00 pacific time (details TBA)

meeting concluded at 10:15am Pacific time
tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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