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Subject: Re: [ubl] TC attendance and quorums

I agree we need to make some changes.  Your point number 4 below, is one
I had thought strange from the beginning.  To be a member of a Sub
Committee, but not a member of the TC.  I will very much support a
change to make all SC members also TC members.

Dial in sessions have already been asked for at this last meeting in
Minneapolis.  Because I had not known of the request before hand, and
because of a shortage of conferencing phones available from the hotel,
we were unable to do it.  But, I support this, and if we know enough in
advance, it should be easier to get it set up.

Good work Jon, thanks for keeping things organized.


Jon Bosak wrote:
> UBL TC members,
> The increase in UBL participation over the last few months, while
> certainly welcome, has made it harder to maintain our requirement
> for physical attendance at the quarterly face-to-face TC meetings,
> and as a result, we're finding it difficult to achieve a quorum at
> these meetings.
> Here's what I think we should do.
> 1. Hold dial-in sessions during the opening and closing TC
>    plenaries.  This will allow the phone participation of distant
>    members to count toward achieving a quorum and sometimes allow
>    us to make formal decisions at meetings where the number of
>    members attending in person would not otherwise suffice to
>    constitute a quorum.
> 2. Authorize the Chairs Subcommittee to handle meeting logistics
>    in the middle of the meeting week between opening and closing
>    plenary sessions and at any time the plenary is assembled
>    without a quorum.
> 3. Authorize the voting members assembled at a regularly scheduled
>    but nonquorate TC meeting to operate as an ad hoc subcommittee
>    of the whole chaired by the chair of the TC or in his absence
>    the vice chair of the TC and authorized to form resolutions for
>    proposal to the whole TC via email or when next a quorum is
>    assembled.
> 4. Add to the TC the SC members who are not currently TC members
>    so that the membership of the TC includes everyone involved in
>    the work.
> Discussion, anyone?
> Jon Bosak
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