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Subject: [ubl] Change and clarification: TC quorum call: Friday plenary

UBL members,

A change and a clarification regarding tomorrow's TC plenary.

Change in schedule: the group present in Burlington has decided to
switch the time scheduled for the plenary and the time scheduled
for the joint NDR/LC session.  Therefore, the time to call in for
the plenary will be 13h00-15h00 Boston time (GMT-4) rather than
15h00-17h00 as previously announced.  The joint NDR/LC session
will take place from about 15h15-17h00.  I will leave the
conference connection up for people who want to stay on for the
joint SC session.  That number again is:

   International: 646 441 1003
   U.S. domestic: 866 680 0148
   Participant code: 701188

Clarification: My previous message gave some people the impression
that they had to call in to the plenary or be removed from UBL TC
membership.  The membership maintenance process actually doesn't
work that quickly.  Under the OASIS TC rules, the chair has to
send the nonparticipating TC member a formal warning before
removing him or her.  My last message was not a formal warning; it
was just an advisory that if you haven't been attending UBL
meetings lately, calling in to Friday's plenary session would be a
good way to restore you to good standing before I get around to
sending out warning notices next week.  So if you really can't
attend the Friday call, you will still get one more chance at our
next plenary session, which will take place Monday 18 November at
the beginning of the UBL TC meeting in Menlo Park.

Jon Bosak

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