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Subject: [ubl] Resolutions incoming

UBL members,

I will shortly be sending for your approval several resolutions
arising from this week's UBL TC meeting.  These are things that
were approved by the people assembled at the meeting but still
need a formal approval cycle in mail because we didn't quite
achieve a quorum in the TC plenary (we got about 24 people out of
the 55 people who are currently voting members).  Here's a
reminder about how mail voting works in the OASIS TC process.

Each question I send you will be what's known in some places as a
"consent item."  That is, it's assumed that no one has a problem
with it unless a voting member of the TC speaks up and registers
an objection.  You have five days after I put the question to
register an objection.  If no objections are received in that
time, then the item is adopted "by common consent."  If a formal
objection is received during that time, then the consent process
stops immediately, and I either resubmit the question for an
actual tallied email vote (which takes another five days) or I
change the question.

Every voting member has the right to withdraw consent and thus
force a tallied vote.  As a practical matter, however, it's better
to send me mail or raise a question on the list early in the
five-day period if you have misgivings about something or just
need something clarified; you can always pull the emergency brake
if your concerns haven't been satisfied before the consent period
runs out.

If you have no problem with a resolution put forward for common
consent, you don't have to do anything.

Jon Bosak

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