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Subject: [ubl] UBL membership update

UBL TC members and ubl-comment subscribers,

I've just finished updating our official list of UBL TC voting
members, which can be found at


The following people formerly listed as voting members have been
removed per OASIS TC rules, either because they are no longer
responding to mail or because they cannot maintain the minimum
participation required by the OASIS TC process (some of the latter
have arranged to be replaced by other participants from the same

   Zachary Coffin <zcoffin@kpmg.com>
   Matthew Gertner <matthew.gertner@schemantix.com>
   Adam Cheyer <acheyer@verticalnet.com>
   Jeffery Eck <jeffery.eck@gxs.ge.com>
   John Glaubitz <john_glaubitz@vertexinc.com>
   Karsten Riemer <karsten.riemer@sun.com>
   Ron Kleinman <ronk@sfbay.sun.com>
   Vinod Viswanathan <vinodv@pointgain.com>
   Steve Winter <steve.winter@tamgroup.com>
   John Dumay <jcd@progressivemanagement.com.au>
   Eric Arnold <ericarnold@techknowledgedevelopment.com>
   Alan Davies <ADavies@SeeBeyond.com>

Please take a moment to look over the revised membership list.  If
you ARE on that list but are not an OASIS member or cannot commit
to attending most of the quarterly UBL TC meetings (note that we
now allow participation by phone), please let me know so that I
can remove you from the list.  If you are NOT on the list and
think you should be, please contact me so that we can straighten
out your membership status.  If you have not been a member of the
UBL TC but would like to be, please contact me directly.

Jon Bosak

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