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Subject: [ubl] Quorum call: UBL TC plenary 18 November 2002

As previously announced, the UBL TC will be meeting the week of
18-22 November 2002 in Menlo Park.


The opening plenary will officially begin at 9:45 a.m. California
time (PST, that is, GMT-8) Monday 18 November and will run for
about three hours; see the schedule in the message linked to

Members of OASIS TCs are required to attend two out of three
regularly scheduled meetings to maintain membership in good
standing.  To allow people unable to travel to maintain their
membership, the UBL TC has adopted rules that enable absent
members to maintain their voting status by phoning in to plenary


To maintain membership in good standing, therefore, as well as to
help the TC achieve a quorum, UBL TC members unable to attend the
Menlo Park meeting in person are urged to dial in to the plenary
at 9:45 a.m. PST.  The number for the conference call is:

   International: 646 441 1003
   U.S. domestic: 866 680 0148
   Participant code: 701188

During this portion of the meeting we will be hearing subcommittee
reports and (if quorate) formalizing some changes in subcommittee
leadership as well as finalizing our schedule for the week.

If you have not been attending UBL meetings, please consider this
message a notice that you may be removed from voting membership in
the TC if you do not attend Monday's plenary session in person or
by phone.

Jon Bosak

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