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Subject: [ubl] Re: Preferences for August UBL meeting

I still haven't heard from several key people regarding their
preferences for the August 2003 UBL meeting.  Please send
something in the next couple of hours.  We need to wrap this up.



Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 22:01:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@sun.com>
Subject: [ubl] Preferences for August UBL meeting
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org

UBL members,

Several people are now making travel arrangements for the summer
and need to know our UBL meeting schedule.

Discussions in the UBL Liaison Subcommittee (responsible for
scheduling) and then in the closing plenary at last week's UBL
meeting in Denver have established the following options for a
UBL meeting in August:

   1. 28 July through 1 August 2003 in Montreal (the week prior to
      the Extreme Markup conference at the same hotel).  I have
      confirmed that the conference organizers are willing to
      provide the rooms, but we haven't yet established who will
      pay for the phones and the projectors, so it's possible that
      we will have to come up with the money for this if we can't
      get someone else to cover it.  However this works, it
      shouldn't cost us more than the DISA meeting fee we paid
      last week.

   2. The same week, 28 July through 1 August 2003, at one of these

      2a. Menlo Park, California (Sun corporate facilities)

      2b. Washington, D.C. (LMI corporate facilities)

      2c. Boston area (Burlington at Sun facilities or Cambridge
          at MIT facilities)

   3. The week following the Extreme Markup conference, 11 through
      15 August 2003, at one of these locations:

      3a. Menlo Park, California (Sun corporate facilities)

      3b. Washington, D.C. (LMI corporate facilities)

      3c. Boston area (Burlington at Sun facilities or Cambridge
	  at MIT facilities)

Note the following:

 - Option 1 is the clear choice of everyone who wants to attend
   the Extreme Markup conference (a small but always interesting
   conference for hard-core XML geeks) and everyone who has
   experienced Montreal in August (delightful climate, wonderful
   street life, great food, some fine jazz clubs, and reasonable
   prices in a fun-loving French-speaking city where everyone also
   speaks English).  We held an important UBL organizational
   meeting in Montreal at this same time two years ago before
   starting the OASIS TC, so some of you will remember this.

 - Options 2a-2c and 3a-3c provide optimal meeting facilities
   (phones, projectors, white boards, electrical outlets, extra
   breakout rooms).

 - Options 3a-3c directly conflict with an EIDX/CompTIA meeting
   12-15 August in San Diego.  This is of some significance
   because EIDX (the electronics industry IT organization) is a
   focal point for both RosettaNet and OAGIS implementation.  But
   if enough people liked this location, I could investigate the
   possibility of co-locating the UBL meeting with CompTIA.  It's
   probably not very likely, but I could check.

So basically, this boils down to choosing Option 1 for the fun of
it or choosing something else for more practical reasons.  I
personally am for Option 1, but there are a lot of factors for
others to consider in making this choice.

This is too complex an issue for an up-or-down vote.  What I need
from each member planning to attend the August meeting is the

 - The options (1, 2a-2c, 3a-3c) that you would prefer.

 - The options you can live with.

 - The options you can't live with.

I would strongly prefer just the numbers in each category without
a lot of extraneous commentary; I have to tabulate these things.
Please send your answers directly to me, not the list, by COB
Monday 17 February.


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