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Subject: Head count for UBL reception 3 November

Hello UBL members,

The Center for Document Engineering at UC Berkeley plans to host a
reception for the UBL TC the evening of Monday 3 November at Bob
Glushko's home in San Francisco.  This replaces the wine country
event that was previously mentioned as a possibility for Sunday 2
November in consideration of the fact that many TC participants
will be arriving too late on Sunday to travel up to Saint Helena.

Bob needs to get a head count in order to plan for this.  If you
haven't yet notified us that you will be attending the TC meeting,
please do so now by sending mail to me (jon.bosak@sun.com) and UBL
vice chair Mark Crawford (mcrawford@lmi.org) stating your
intention to come to the meeting and telling us whether or not you
will be coming to the reception Monday night.  If you have already
registered for the meeting, please send another note to let us
know whether to expect you for the reception as well.

For information about the TC meeting, see


Jon Bosak

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