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Subject: "Geek hotels" in SF

I just stumbled across this site, and whaddya know, its featured
"geek hotel" is in San Francisco:


I've copied the review below.

The location (725 Pine Street) is about an eight-block walk from
our meeting site and takes you right past Union Square.  I don't
know anything about the hotel, but if you're up for the walk
(there are hills involved, so watch out), this location could be a
lot of fun.  Chinatown is about the same distance in the opposite
direction.  Muni lines 30, 45, and 9X appear to run down Stockton
(a block over from Pine) to the Moscone Center, so public transit
is a possibility.

See also


The closest hotel to the meeting site is the W, but I wouldn't
stay there unless someone with deep pockets was paying for it.



[review from the Geektels site]

Nob Hill Lambourne

San Francisco Downtown - Geek Heaven

If you have to stay in the San Francisco City area, then you
should look at the Nob Hill Lambourne. It's a tiny boutique hotel
(less than 30 rooms) right in the middle of the Nob Hill area. Up
until now, when I stay there, I've used a public but weak 802.11
access point, but this week (Feb 10, 2003) they just completed
installation of a broadband connection, with ethernet in each
room. And there is NO CHARGE for the connectivity! The rooms are
awesome, and the hotel is really inexpensive. I stay there every
two weeks or so ;-) so look me up if you decide to use it.

Call Mark Terrier, the General Manager, directly for info or a
reservation (415) 433-2287.

- RLJ, GeekTools Alpha Male

725 Pine Street
San Francisco, California 94108, USA	Telephone

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