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Subject: UBL localization subcommittees

UBL members,

Please be aware that I intend to propose the formation of two new
subcommittees for UBL localization at our TC meeting in San
Francisco: a Chinese Localization Subcommittee (CLSC) and a
Japanese Localization Subcommittee (JLSC).  CECID, the Center for
E-Commerce Infrastructure Development at Hong Kong University
(http://www.cecid.hku.hk/), has volunteered to chair or co-chair
the CLSC, and EA-ECA, the East Asia Electronic Commerce
Association (http://www.ea-eca.org/), has volunteered to chair or
co-chair the JLSC.

Formation of localization subcommittees will allow UBL
participants with knowledge of a specific language and the
traditional business practices of a particular locale to conduct
subcommittee meetings in the target language on a schedule that
accommodates their regional time zones.  The goals I will be
proposing for localization subcommittees will include the

 - Translation of UBL specifications and associated documentation
   into the target language (including the definitions of the data

 - Construction of language-specific lookup tables for UBL element
   and attribute names

 - Generation of publicity for UBL in the target locale

 - Proposal of UBL extensions to accommodate locale-specific legal
   and business practices

 - Building and maintaining a web site to provide information
   about UBL in the target language

Anyone interested at this time in participating in or co-chairing
these localization SCs should contact me offline before the
meeting in San Francisco.  The SCs will be open to all UBL
members, though knowledge of the target language and ability to
participate in phone meetings in the target locale will of course
be practical requirements for effective participation.

Jon Bosak

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