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Subject: Procedural housecleaning 2: TC rules

UBL members,

This should be read in conjunction with the accompanying message
regarding subcommittee rules.

As part of the effort to put all of our procedures in one place,
I've assembled the following from various resolutions we've
adopted over the last two years relating to the conduct of the TC
itself.  These rules supplement the OASIS TC process and the
default procedures given in Robert's.  The original resolutions
can be found in the following documents:

   Minutes of the OASIS UBL TC Meeting, 2001.10.29-11.01
   6 November 2001

   Creation of TC vice chair position
   19 December 2001

   TC membership, attendance, and quorums
   16 September 2002

Unlike the proposed rules for subcommittees, the draft below
doesn't represent anything new; it just pulls together the
existing rules in a form that can be posted in one place.  I have
had to do a little editorial joinery work to put them in this
form, so someone should check the language against the original
sources above to make sure that I haven't inadvertently changed




1. Email voting

   The chair of the TC is authorized to place before the TC
   resolutions pertaining to the operation of the TC for
   disposition by electronic mail voting as specified in the OASIS
   TC process.

2. TC vice chair

   The duties of the UBL TC vice chair are:

   a. To serve as chair pro tem. of the UBL TC in the absence
      of the UBL TC chair.

   b. To participate in the UBL Marketing, Liaison, and
      Administration Subcommittees as a member ex officio.

3. UBL TC meetings

   a. Whenever physically possible, a portion of each face-to-face
      UBL TC plenary opening session and closing session shall be
      conducted in a manner that allows distant voting members to
      participate by phone.  The presence of a voting member
      during the dial-in portion of a TC meeting shall be
      considered to satisfy the requirements of the OASIS TC
      process regarding meeting attendance.  A TC meeting that is
      quorate during the dial-in period shall be considered
      quorate for the duration of the call.  Observers shall be
      allowed to call in to TC meetings only by invitation of the
      TC chair or vice chair.

   b. When subcommittees are meeting between plenary sessions of a
      UBL TC meeting, and in any regularly scheduled and noticed
      but inquorate UBL TC meeting, the UBL Chairs Subcommittee
      shall be authorized to decide issues relating to meeting
      logistics.  If the Chairs Subcommittee fails to achieve a
      quorum, logistical decisions shall be made by the UBL TC
      chair or vice chair.

   c. The voting members assembled at a regularly scheduled and
      noticed but inquorate TC meeting shall be authorized to
      operate as an ad hoc subcommittee of the whole, chaired by
      the chair of the TC or, in his absence, the vice chair of
      the TC.

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