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Subject: Possible UBL Codelist Subcommittee

Hello UBL members,

In our meeting next week in San Francisco (probably in the Friday
plenary), I'd like to propose the formation of a new subcommittee
to address various problems relating to the provision of basic
code lists for UBL.  Issues to be dealt with would include:

 - Maintenance the UBL code registry/repository

 - The creation of royalty-free basic codelists for UBL

 - The specification of a format for adjunct files containing
   codelist semantics and other codelist-related information

 - The creation of adjunct files for the UBL codelists

 - Communication with external code list maintainers via liaisons

Before I can propose the creation of this SC, I need someone to
commit to chair it.  If anyone is interested in taking this on,
please contact me through private mail before the meeting.  If
anyone can commit at this point to participating in the SC, that
would be great to know, too.


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