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Subject: FW: QAssociates testing: order 1000005382



For your information from a very excited team at IMPAQ.  Possibly the “first UBL v1 invoice to grace the internet” to quote Colin O’Donnell. Whilst this is a test invoice it is using the production xDE environment at Q and loaded first time.


With Purchase Orders being live since June this will complete the cycle and realize the full benefits for both parties.


Further news after UAT when we are fully live.


Yours truly,


Stephen JK Parker

Director and Operations Manager

IMPAQ Information Management (UK) Ltd

t: +44 (0)1483 466900

e: sparker@impaq.co.uk


From: Griffiths, Steve
Sent: 02 December 2003 16:17
To: Colin.Odonnell@sun.com
Cc: q-uat@sun.com
Subject: RE: QAssociates testing: order 1000005382




We have received the world’s first UBL invoice, and I’m happy to report it has been imported successfully and matched against the original order.


I have now submitted a new order with two lines to ensure the automatching is functioning correctly.  This is order 1000005384.









From: Colin O'Donnell [mailto:Colin.Odonnell@Sun.COM]
Sent: 02 December 2003 16:00
To: Griffiths, Steve
Cc: q-uat@Sun.COM
Subject: Re: QAssociates testing: order 1000005382



invoiceNumber = '440071036'

UBL Invoice document has been posted to Q Associates BETA site approx  3:30pm
Dec 2nd. This could well be the first ever UBL invoice to grace the internet.

Steve have you got it ?


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