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Subject: Fwd: Welcome to ubl-dev

This message has just been sent to the new ubl-dev list.



To: ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Welcome to ubl-dev

The ubl-dev list is now open.

OASIS has established ubl-dev for public discussion of the OASIS
Universal Business Language (UBL).  Subscriptions can be obtained
through the list manager at


For information about UBL, see the OASIS UBL web site at


The purpose of the ubl-dev list is to provide a public forum for
the exchange of information among developers of UBL applications.
Many members of the OASIS UBL TC have subscribed to ubl-dev, but
it is not an official conduit for formal comments on the work.  To
submit commeents, please use the comment form accessible from the
UBL TC web page.

The ubl-dev list is unmoderated.  This means that it relies on the
good will and discipline of its subscriber base to maintain a
level of duscussion conducive to the creation of a self-sustaining
user community.  It should be remembered that the list is
available in digest form by sending mail to


Welcome to ubl-dev!

Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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