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Subject: RE: [ubl] Schema Review


Good point for the final release; however, I believe the relative paths are being used for now to facilitate our validation (e.g. so we can review them without being connected to the internet).


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From: CRAWFORD, Mark [mailto:MCRAWFORD@lmi.org]
Sent: Tuesday, 23 March 2004 10 01
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Subject: [ubl] Schema Review

Another Comment before I run off to the Dr - 

The NDR has had this rule for almost as long as I can remember:

"To ensure consistency and clarity, each schema location must be complete. To identify schema modules relative paths are not allowed.  Although this may cause a problem with mirror sites, this is outside the scope of UBL.
[ATD6]	Each xsd:schemaLocation attribute declaration URL MUST contain an absolute path."

However, relative paths are resplendent throughout the schema in violation of this rule.


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