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Subject: Outcomes of joint meeting Wednesday 2004.03.24

The coordination/joint subcommittee meeting Wednesday 24 March was
attended by the following people:

   Jon Bosak
   Mark Crawford
   Michael Dill
   Stephen Green
   Michael Grimley
   Eduardo Gutentag
   David Kruppke
   Tim McGrath
   Monica Martin
   Sue Probert
   Marion Royal
   Lisa Seaburg
   Paul Thorpe

The items listed in Tim's agenda for this meeting were disposed of
as follows (all decisions were by consensus except number 19):

A. Action Items for 9.2 schemas

   1) We are missing a required 'Version' element in the
      documentation of every data type. (We seem to be missing it
      in all the other schemas as well, for data types *and*

      Disposition: In our initial release, the version number is
      implied by the version number of the whole set (1.0), so
      there is no need to include the version number in the
      documentation for each data type right now.  In 1.1, we will
      need to decide whether this is a registry requirement or a
      schema requirement.

   2) There are some documentation elements whose names do not
      reflect those specified in the NDR: Occurrence, &
      ComponentType.  should be Cardinality & CategoryCode

      Former AI: Tim - Occurrence to be changed to Cardinaility in
         models and CC Parameters

      Disposition: Done in draft 10.

      Remaining AI: NDR - CategoryCode to be changed to
         ComponentType in NDR.

   3) In the CCT schema, the attribute definitions all declare
      'use="optional"' even though it is the default value and
      does not need to be declared. In the UDT schema,
      'use="optional"' is *not* declared (except in the
      restriction of 'cct:IndicatorType'). Do we want/need to be
      consistent here?

      Former AI: David - consistently, explicitly spell out

      Disposition: Done.

   4) The documentation elements are not listed in the order
      specified in the NDR.

       Former AI: Mike G - change the order in cc parameter schema
       Former AI: David - recognize when building the schemas

       Disposition: Done, sent out.

   5) We should have ccts:DataType in the documentation for each
      secondary representation term (e.g. Video has a data type of
      Binary Object.  Type). It documents what the "base=" is.

      Former AI: David - populate data type of secondary rep terms
         with primary rep term.

      Disposition: Done.

   6) Should have an import statement for UnspecialisedDatatypes
      to indicate this is where to get data types for any new
      types from.

      Former AI: David add import statement to top of schemas.

      Disposition: Done.

   8) Confirm that the statement...

      <xsd:element name="CurrencyCode" type="CurrencyCodeType">
        <xsd:documentation>This element MUST be conveyed as the root
          element in any instance document based on this Schema

    - is correct for each code list schema (obviously with the
      appropriate code list name).

      Former AI: David - don't include root element in code list schemas

      Disposition: Done.

  10) We should have a ccts:DataTypeQualifer value for each code
      type (in the documentation).

      Former AI: David - populate in schema documentation.

      Disposition: Done.

  11) Minimum and Maximum Temperature do not have a correct
      ccts:DataType (it says
      <ccts:DataType>. Type</ccts:DataType>)

      Former AI: Tim - remove definition of data type for ASBIE's
         in model.

      Disposition: Done (we shouldn't have data types on ASBIEs)
         -- spreadsheets now correct.

  12) Document schemas should import Specialised Data Type schema

      Former AI: David - add import statement for Spec data type
         for all document schemas.

      Disposition: Done.

  13) In the UDT schema, the 'DateTimeType' definition is what I
      would expect; there is a restriction on cct:DateTimeType
      that removes the infamous 'format' attribute.

      However, the datatypes with a base of 'cct:IndicatorType' or
      'cct:NumericType' define a restriction, but then include the
      'format' attribute, which in effect makes it no different
      than the CCT datatypes.  Is this what was intended?

      Former AI: David - remove format attribute on UDT indicator
         type and numeric type (and those based on them)

      Discussion: We are trying to make sure that we are in
         compliance with the CCTS, but this is probably not
         necessary.  All the supplementary components can be
         mapped onto XSD datatypes without breaking CCTS
         compliance.  And if we are wrong about this and have to
         change later, it should not affect 1.0 instances.

      Disposition: Use XSD datatypes and document that in the UDT

      New AI: Tim - provide the documentation.

B. Open Items for Further Discussion

  14) there seems no point in a /codelist directory.  shouldn't
      these just be in '/common'?

      Disposition: Leave the current directory structure the way
         it is.

  15) We only need cbcs for each "BBIE property"
      (PropertyTerm+Rep.Term) - not a cbc for each qualified BBIE.
      although i am then not sure how we can name any qualified

      Former AI: Mike G - research and give example(s) for
         discussion Wed.

      Related issue: should any elements be defined in document
         schemas or should all be in cbc.(was tim's issue 11.)

      Disposition: This was fixed in 9.2.

 16A) Relative paths are being used for now to facilitate our
      validation (e.g. so we can review them without being
      connected to the internet).

      Discussion: The OASIS file structure cannot support absolute
         path names for schema modules.

      Disposition: Keep paths relative in 1.0 and revisit this in

      Implied AI: Mark - Note this in NDR document.

 16B) Vendor references in schemas.

      Discussion: There is a placeholder for vendor credits in the
         master document.

      Disposition: Remove "schema generated by GEFEG" etc. in
         final tweaks before balloting the CD, but keep until
         then; leave the date/time stamp in.

      New AI: David - Make this change.

      New AI: M. Dill - Review Appendix B.6 of the current draft
         of the master document and provide suitable GEFEG
         references and URL.  See attachment to

  17) There are modules created (CC parameters) that we don't

      Discussion: The purpose is to define a schema for the
         documentation, so if/when that is provided, it refers to
         this schema.  We had this earlier, but is seems to have
         been inadvertently dropped.  Everything is now the way it
         should be in the schemas, it just needs to be reflected
         in the NDRs and in the diagrams.

      AI: Tim: Provide a paragraph describing this module.

      AI: Mark: Revise NDR and diagram to reflect this.

      AI: Lisa: Update "schema modularity" to reflect this.

  18) There are modules missing (UCTDT).

      Disposition: We are now in agreement on this.

      AI: Mark: Revise NDR and diagram to reflect this.

      AI: Lisa: Update "schema modularity" to reflect this.

  19) There are empty modules (SDT despite specialised datatypes
      masquerading as unspecialised or changed CC types).

      Discussion: We agree on the following points:

       - A codelist is a specialized data type.

       - Each code list enumeration lives in its own schema module
         (per NDR).

       - We don't need CLUDT.

      We do not agree on whether it's better to import the
      codelist schema modules via the SDT module or directly into
      the aggregate schema and all the document schemas.  I have
      not attempted to capture the pros and cons in these minutes.
      A poll showed that more people preferred to go with the
      schemas as currently constructed and sort this out in 1.1
      than to revise the schemas again, so this was the outcome.
      But the decision was made simply to avoid another change to
      the schemas, not because we can clearly see one alternative
      as better than the other.  Mark Crawford strongly disagrees
      with this decision and fears that there might be negative
      consequences for performance, but currently we have no data
      to resolve this matter one way or the other.

      Disposition: Keep the schemas the way they are and revisit
         this in 1.1.

      AI: Mark: Change the NDR document.  Mark will investigate this
         further (particularly with regard to performance issues)
         to see whether he can support this in the CD.

  20) There are elements declared that should not be (for cct and

      Discussion: Global elements are declared for every type, but
         this is not required by NDR.

      Disposition: The global element declarations in CCT, UDT,
         SDT and CL modules need to be removed, and NDR needs to
         make clear that global elements are not required for
         those type definitions.

      AI: David - Make the change.

  21) The code list schema modules are imported Directly into the
      cbc and cac modules rather than the UCTDT module, which
      causes circular import issues.

      Disposition: The udt code type should be replaced by xsd
         normalized string as the base type in every code list
         schema module.

      AI: David - Make the change.

  22) The truncation rules are not applied consistently (see the
      cct supplementary components for an example).

      Disposition: Keep the current schemas the way they are.  No
         change to NDR required.

  23) The base types for almost all of the cct supplementary
      components have been changed in the cctmodule rather than
      creating specialised datatypes as we previously agreed to.

      Disposition: This is no longer an issue.

C. Other Business.

  24) AI: Tim - Revised model and a change log of the revisions
      to David: Draft 10.

  25) Question from JPLSC:


      Disposition: Add payment means as an ASBIE to Order,
         OrderChange, and OrderResponse (but not

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