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Subject: Outcomes of joint SC call 2004.04.02


   Jon Bosak
   Stephen Green
   Mike Grimley
   David Kruppke
   Sue Probert
   Marion Royal
   Sylvia Webb


   Anne Hendry

1. Proposed Common CCTS Schema alignment



   Outcome: We support the plan proposed by Tim and Garret as a
   roadmap for convergence on a common set of CCTS schemas.
   However, the following considerations appear to make it
   inadvisable to attempt to accomplish this convergence in UBL

    - It appears that implementation of item 2 of the proposal
      will require a case-by-case consideration in cooperation
      with OAG, so this constitutes a joint work item.

    - Preliminary discussion on the NDRSC list indicates the need
      for further consideration of item 3 of the proposal; see


    - Most importantly, this plan has not yet been presented to
      the OAG membership, so we cannot be sure that changes we
      implement in UBL 1.0 will match changes implemented in OAGIS
      9.0.  We should know more about this following the OAG
      meeting scheduled for the end of this month.

    - On the other hand, it appears that making the proposed
      changes (or something similar) in UBL 1.1 will not have a
      huge impact on users of UBL 1.0.

   In sum, it appears that immediate implementation of the
   proposal will not guarantee that the solution we adopt will be
   the final one, whereas delaying implementation till 1.1
   represents a relatively minor risk to early adopters of UBL.
   It is therefore recommended:

    - That we adopt the plan submitted by Tim and Garret as a
      roadmap for joint work with OAG intended to produce a shared
      set of "commen CCTS schemas" that can be included in UBL

    - That a suitable note on this be included in the description
      of the CCTS schemas in UBL 1.0.

2. Delivery of schemas for UBL 1.0

   We have received the candidate final schemas for UBL 1.0 from
   GEFEG.  Stephen has forwarded them to the list pending their
   installation on the web site:


   We thank GEFEG for their patience and diligence in producing
   what we hope will be the final schemas for UBL 1.0.  Bug
   reports will be disposed of in the joint SC call scheduled for
   8 a.m. San Francisco daylight time Tuesday 6 April.

3. Packaging

   We briefly ran through the owner/action list and noted a few
   updates.  This information will be included in the next
   revision of the list.


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