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Subject: Re: [ubl] Groups - UBL-1.0-draft-11-models.zip uploaded


| Four codelists (Country, Currency, OrderAcknowledgement and
| Payment Means) simply have values coming from Edifact and these
| are generated from the Edifix tool with the latest values, as far
| as I know.
| The other codelist data (metadata) is held in the spreadsheet
| called the Specialised DataTypes model spreadsheet. This will need
| updating with 1.0 final values for some metadata (URLs) as part of
| the creation of the actual final set of models and Schemas.

Umm... So the metadata in the SpecialisedDataTypes spreadsheet
does not end up in the SpecialisedDataTypes schema module but
rather in the individual codelist schema modules, right?

We will need a note of explanation about this to go with the
description of the individual spreadsheets.


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