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Subject: Re: [ubl] Schema/model bugs


I probably won't be able to make tomorrow's meeting again, but I would like
to encourage those who do participate in it to seriously reconsider the
decision (if there was one, and if it is not in conflict with existing NDR
rules) to use DataType instead of Datatype. Both XSD and RELAXNG use "datatype"
or "Datatype" consistently throughout. The fact that "data" and "type" are
English words but "datatype" is not is not, in my mind, a sound argument.
English words are made, not born, as it were, and the tendency to fuse two
distinct words as a sign that one is using a technical term rather than a
compound one (e.g. database, filesystem, etc.) is well established and does
indeed give birth to new English words as needed.

On 04/05/2004 06:23 PM, Jon.Bosak@Sun.COM wrote:
> [MCRAWFORD@lmi.org:]
> | Another example of non technical changes to the NDR =
> | rules for no valid reason.
> Sorry, I didn't realize that the NDR rules covered this.  What do
> they say on this point?
> Jon
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