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Subject: Outcomes of joint SC call 2004.04.06


   Jon Bosak
   Stephen Green
   Michael Grimley
   Anne Hendry
   David Kruppke
   Monica Martin
   Bill Meadows
   Tim McGrath
   Marion Royal
   Sylvia Webb

1. Location of qualified BBIE property element declarations

   Issue: The qualified BBIE property elements are defined in the
   CBC module.  In earlier discussions, we thought that these
   would go in the CAC module, or some combination of CAC and
   individual document schemas

   Resolution: This is a substantive issue that's too late to
   debate for 1.0.  Put it on the work list for 1.1.  A change
   should not affect instances.

2. Schema validation

   Issue: The schemas need to be validated.

   Status: Chee-Kai Chin sent comments to Bill, Stephen, and Tim
   indicating that validation went OK for him.  XML Spy sees no
   problems.  Jon encountered a problem with MSV that appears to
   have something to do with his setup.  Jessica needs to run the
   schemas through her validation suite.

3. GEFEG line

   The line in the schemas mentioning GEFEG needs to be removed.

4. "Data Type" vs. "Datatype"

   Decision: We will use "datatype" (one word) throughout except
   when referring to CCTS in documentation and in the NDR
   document, because CCTS uses "data types."


    - No change to the schemas

    - In models:

       - Change file named UnSpecialisedDataTypes to

       - Add "-1.0" to file names of UBL-CoreComponentTypes,
         UBL-SpecialisedDataTypes, and UBL-UnSpecialisedDataTypes
         (which should be UBL-UnspecialisedDatatypes as above)

5. codeName for name

   Issue: The supplementary component "codeName" in the codelist
   schemas should be "name" per the CCT schema.


    - Change this in the schema generator

    - Change this in the instances and call the result draft 5
      [but don't name the files that way!]

6. Description of UBLAmountType

   Issue: The description of UBLAmountType in the model for
   specialised datatypes does not appear in the schema.

   Action: Change the schema generator to pick up the description.

7. Change columns in spreadsheets

   Action: Tim will delete the change columns in the spreadsheets
   and generate the OpenOffice versions.

8. Draft identifiers

   Issue: Time to remove the draft labels in preparation for final


    - Remove the "draft" labels in schema and instance file names
      and namespace references (David)

    - Same for the CC Parameters schema (David, by hand)

    - Change the SDT spreadsheet accordingly (Tim)

9. Scheduling

   David will deliver final schemas at 15h00 Wednesday in Berlin
   and send them to Stephen; Stephen will forward them to the list
   so that Jessica can validate them before our previously
   scheduled call at 17h00 in Berlin (08h00 in San Francisco and
   11h00 in Washington).


These items were taken from the file missing.txt in the latest
master doc draft.

 - Review procurement process {5}

      Stephen has looked at this; Bill will review

 - Revise schema intro {6 intro para}


 - Review schema descriptions and fill in missing details as
   indicated {6.1, 6.2, 6.3}

      Jon will put the master doc on the web site so that Lisa can
      download it.

 - Create diagram for {6.4}

      Lisa will send the visio file to Tim, who will complete it
      to reflect the schema dependencies in 1.0.

 - Review methodology {App B}

      Stephen will review {B.1}; the rest is either OK or is in

 - Regenerate diagram of conceptual model to correct overlapping
   labels {Fig B-2, App B.2.1}

      Tim is working on this.

 - Write description of dependency diagrams {B.2.4}

      Tim is working on this.

 - Review spreadsheet descriptions in {B.3}


 - Code list paper {App E}

      (Didn't discuss this.)

 - NDR document for 1.0 {App B.4}

      Lisa is trying to contact Mark about this.

 - Final schemas {6}

      In progress.

 - Appropriate GEFEG URL and description of GEFEG tool
   used in final schema generation {B.5}


 - Customization guidelines {B.7}

      (Didn't discuss this.)

 - Review and update release notes {App A}

      Bill is working on this.

 - (NEW) Add an appendix on work items for future development

      Tim will generate some prose and send to Jon for further

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