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Subject: Re: Preliminary agenda for UBL TC meeting 10-14 May 2004

I've removed the long cc: list... Those folks were included just
to make sure that everyone had been properly notified of the


| if one of the primary objectives of the HK meeting is to
| reorganize the SC structure, shouldn't some time to do precisely
| that be allowed for in the schedule (either at the beginning of
| the week or towards the end)?

The schedule in the preliminary agenda was just our usual meeting
framework adjusted for local time.  Now that you mention it,
though, it appears that (with the exception of the localization
SCs) most of the business we have to conduct in Hong Kong is
actually plenary business rather than subcommittee business.

I already had an action item to generate a more detailed agenda
that would provide a plan for the localization items.  Give me a
day or so to produce a better schedule that takes this new angle
properly into account.


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