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Subject: Schema edit test

I have made changes to the schemas generated by GEFEG as detailed
below.  Note the request for review at the end.



Tim McGrath said:

| In going over the NDR checklist I realised we have not satisifed rule ELD1
| > Each UBL:ControlSchema MUST identify one and only one global element 
| > declaration that defines the document 
| > ccts:AggregateBusinessInformationEntity being conveyed in the Schema 
| > expression.  That global element MUST include an xsd:annotation child 
| > element which MUST further contain an xsd:documentation child element 
| > that declares "This element MUST be conveyed as the root element in 
| > any instance document based on this Schema expression."
| i know we had this in the later drafts - so it must have dropped off 
| without us noticing.  if we cannot get another generation then it would 
| be simple to manual edit this in to each maindoc schema.

Change made: A second documentation element containing the text
above has been added at the end of each (single) annotation
element in each schema in the maindoc directory.


We have agreed that "specialised" (etc.) has to be changed to
"specialized" (etc.)

Changes made: All occurrences of "pecialised" in all of the
schemas have been changed to "pecialized", and the names of the
two files in the common directory containing this substring have
been revised accordingly.


Anne Hendry said:

| In UBL-CommonBasicComponents-1.0.xsd, the 'Document Type' field
| of the header comment block says 'CommonAggregateComponents'
| rather than CommonBasicComponents.  This is probably going to
| confuse some folks.

Changes made: This line has been changed in the file specified.


We have an NDR requirement to provide a set of schemas with all
the annotation elements stripped out.

Changes made: I have created such a set.


Verification: Attached is a zip archive containing a set of
modified schemas in two directories named xsdtest1 and xsdtest2.
The zip file has been named "xsdtest.zzz" to get it past some
overly paranoid firewalls.  The xsdtest2 schemas are (or should
be) the same as the xsdtest1 schemas with the annotations stripped
out and a line added to the edit record of each.  Please review
these versions and let me know if anything remains to be done.  A
validation check would be nice, too.  Barring further changes,
these will be the versions included in the next master doc build,
due out tonight.


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