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Subject: UBL meeting in Copenhagen August 16-20th 2004

Dear all,

In the following you will find most of the practical information regarding the meeting arrangements for our meeting in August.

The meeting are to be held at 

Danish Bankers Association
7, Amaliegade 
Copenhagen K - 1256

In order to plan for the meeting arrangements I want everybody who intends to attend the meeting to confirm their
participation no later than COB June 11th, 2004. That can be done either to me or Tina Felix (meeting secretary) at
tlf@finansraadet.dk.  In either case, be sure to copy Jon Bosak (jon.bosak@sun.com) and Mark Crawford (mcrawford@lmi.org) as well.
For your information lunch, drinks and snacks, etc. will be provided during the meetings.
You will find hotel information in the attached file. Please note that you need to make reservations directly with the hotel ASAP due to low availability. Among other reasons because Copenhagen is the center for the Cruise shipping industry in Northern Europe! 
Transportation from CPH airport to selected hotels:
Taxi   	app.   DKR 150 / US$ 24 / EUR 20
Train    app.   DKR   25/  US$ 3,5 / EUR  4
Distance in kilometres: app. 15  (Miles: 10) 
Weather outlook for August: 
Average temperature: 22 degrees Celsius (72 F) and often considerably more
Mostly sunny with occasional showers  
Currency: Danish Kroner
100 EUR = 744 DKR
100 US$ = 624
Currency converter:  http://finance.yahoo.com/m3?u
For further information on Copenhagen in general: http://www.woco.dk/
If you need further information, have problems finding a hotel or require help with other practical details please contact Tina or me at the given e-mail address. 

Best Regards

Stig Korsgaard
M.Sc.E Standardisation Manager
Tel: 	+45 3370 1083
Cell: 	+45 2725 9083
Mail: 	stk@finansraadet.dk

Danish Bankers Association
Amaliegade 7
DK-1256 Copenhagen K
Tel:	3370 1000
Fax:	3393 0260


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